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Our Services

High standards for plastic cutting, fabrication and more in Nelson. Get the best workmanship possible, with no fuss and without breaking the budget, by calling Nelson Plastics Ltd. We are the Industrial and Commercial Experts.

We are the Nelson-based experts that can service New Zealand wide for plastic fabrication, laser plastic cutting, plastic welding repairs and everything in between.  Our solutions can be adapted to suit the construction, industrial or commercial sector. So give a ring to get a free quote.

Nelson Plastics Ltd
Custom plastic cabinets and Tables

Nelson Plastics Ltd will work with you to design and build the perfect cabinet or shelving system.

Nelson Plastics Ltd
Boat windscreens

If you have a damaged boat windscreen we can repair it or fabricate one in any size or tint.

Nelson Plastics Ltd
Custom fabrication

We will offer our expertise and problem-solving abilities to create unique solutions to your plastic problems.

Water tanks

Nelson Plastics Ltd can custom fabricate any water tank to suit your requirements, whether it’s for a caravan, camper or one-off project.

Nelson Plastics, Nelson
Easy fix DIY Products

Nelson Plastics Ltd is a supplier of Easy Fix DIY double glazing systems. You can benefit from no noise penetration and reduced heat loss and fuel costs.

Nelson Plastics, Nelson
Arts and crafts

If you have an upcoming art project, we can supply lettering in MDF, acrylic, CoreFlute or polypropylene. We can also cut supply sheet plastics.

Nelson Plastics, Nelson
Kayak repairs

We can patch up and repair most kayaks.

Just bring it in and we’ll take a look.

Nelson Plastics, Nelson
Display cases

No matter your industry, we can design custom display cases.

We have produced excellent solutions for many clients.

Nelson Plastics, Nelson
Donation boxes/Brochure Holders

We can produce donation boxes and brochure holders for your charity or organisation, in any size, shape or colour.

Please call the team on  03 548 5863

Machine safety guards, chutes and hoppers etc

We can specifically fabricate machine safety guards to suit any machine. We can also provide plastic fabricated shoots, usually designed using polypropylene, along with large work tables for wet or harsh environments.

Plastic Sheets

Nelson Plastics Ltd can supply plastic sheets in a variety of colours, as full sheets or cut to size. These include:

  • Acrylic/mirror
  • PVC
  • Signex
  • Polypropylene
  • CorFlute
  • Lexon / Polycarb
  • Hips / Styrene